Brighton and Chelsea’s Match Ends in September 2019

The last weekend of September, Brighton play with Chelsea which resulted in the latter gaining a win. This was a home victory after a long time, especially for Frank Lampard who is the manager of the team for the Premier League. Blues won a total of nine games and that keeps them in the league. The Blues had a leading position at Stamford Bridge. Here Jorginho helped the team by scoring a penalty goal. Albion also played well, helping to rally the ball and also assisted in getting the header ball of Dan Burn to touch the crossbar.

Willian, however, helped to get the victory for the team as he deflected a strike that was coming in from Callum’s pass. Chelsea, as a result of their performance, was able to move to the sixth position in the Premier League. Brighton, however, has to move up to the 16th. Lampard stated that the 90-minute game was controlled by the Chelsea team mostly. However Brighton did play their defense well and a result of that, Chelsea could not score many goals. It did result in a good win and provided confidence to the team.

Graham Potter has been overseeing Brighton’s performance for the season and though the team managed to play well, they needed more wins this season and the game against Chelsea was definitely a challenge for them. Seagulls have gained a single point among 14 games of the Premier League when they played against top six teams this season. The first meeting with Chelsea did result in a win for Brighton. In this recent game, Potter stated that Chelsea was definitely better prepared and deserved the win. He stated that Brighton did get their luck during the first half but they needed to be more aggressive to get the goals in.