22 thoughts on “Brighton and Hove Albion – Amex Stadium first match.mov”

  1. that bit at th beginnin always´╗┐ givs me goosebumps ­čÖé seeeeeeeeeeeaaaaagulls

  2. we are super´╗┐ Brighton we are super Brighton the super Brighton from the south

  3. @zoideboy Goodison is one of the best´╗┐ stadiums Ive been to. Why you jealous of a run of the mill bowl stadium

  4. What´╗┐ a day! Im still recovering 2 days later…can’t wait to plal palace.

  5. What a day. 14 years of homelessness — and now this truly wonderful new home. Can’t stop´╗┐ smiling!

  6. @seagullsy no probs, thanks´╗┐ for your comment. it’s on my youtube page now too ­čÖé

  7. @Th3Z0ne have never heard of vimeo!! but im on it right now. good stuuf dude.´╗┐ thanks

  8. @seagullsy thank you ­čÖé and yes, it’s on my vimeo account… for some reason´╗┐ i’m not able to paste the link directly; maybe a youtube vs vimeo thing lol! on vimeo search for “Brighton FC, Championship Opening Promo” it’s the first one that comes up ­čśÇ

  9. @Th3Z0ne have you got a link´╗┐ to watch just the promo vid? awesome!

  10. @Wolfmatiix They hadn’t´╗┐ sold out until the day after they went on sale, should of got there earlier :/

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