25 thoughts on “Brighton and Hove Albion vs Doncaster Rovers”

  1. i was there, 12 at the time still brings a tear to my eye now. bring on the
    falmer!!!!!! “Oh the lads you should of seen us coming everything was blue
    and white…………………..”

  2. I was too young to really appreciate the Goldstone but this video does
    bring a tear to the eye. Bring on 6th of August!

  3. was here 2 missed 1 game in kent i feel the die hards kept the club goin
    had season ticket at withdean 4 8 years now we r at the amex there is 18
    thousand season tickets sold where were thay when the goldstone was going
    under and in kent love the seagulls but feel like the true fans have been
    over looked

  4. I was there that day. it took us about 8hrs to get to Brighton. Most of the
    M1 had been shut off on the Friday when we travelled due to anIRA bomb
    scare. Rovers Till I die

  5. A sad day, but also a huge win to keep us in the league. Brings back so
    many memories. Roll on Falmer!

  6. A magical day for all of us that were there. Miss the old Goldstone ground
    but onwards and upwards to Falmer. Up the Albion.

  7. he is only a dirty little seagull, his feathers are tattled and torn he
    made me feel sick, so I hit him with a brick and now he don’t sing
    anymore!!! Eagles…… Brighton RUN from Palace.. Boxing Day 70’s!!! MRX

  8. I was ther, i was 7 at the time, inline with the goal line, so stuart
    storer scored in front and then skidded on his belly right in front of me,
    was amzing, i’ll never forget that, and i still hav my little bit of
    goldstone ground turf that i water, still alive! SEAGULLS!!

  9. 1997 was still our shit season haha, we went downhill from about 1996
    because our owner didn;t give a shit about us

  10. I was there, must have been 9 at the time. I remember running on the pitch
    and digging up some grass and people breaking thier seats and taking them
    home, but I don’t remember the goal or anything else during the game lol.

  11. I swapped my albion shirt with a donny fan after the game – still got it.
    What a day that was. Bring on the 6th of August – back in the North Stand

  12. I was there, age 25 at the time. Still find it hard to accept I’ll never be
    at the Goldstone again. Saving up for a Falmer season ticket though.
    Forever Brighton & Hove Albion FC!

  13. I was there that day in the Donny end , great memories , bring on 6th
    august and we will help you celebrate the opening of your fantastic new
    home , but the points are ours this time 😉

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