Brighton ready for Premier League

Brighton has unveiled their new shirt that they will be wearing in the Premier League.

This will be the first time that Brighton will be playing at the top level of English football after an absence of 34 years.

The chairman said that they will be ready for the challenge and that they will be preparing themselves well during the transfer window. He said that they would not be making a lot of change as they will not want to disrupt the current spirit in the team. He believes that they already have a good core of quality players that can help them win games in the Premier League and they will want to build on that.

He admitted that things would not be easy in the Premier League as they will be facing teams with lots of experience as well as world class players but he feels that they should be inspired by what other teams have achieved in the past.

He said that the players should remain focus on the objectives and give their best on the pitch. He stated that it was a great achievement for them to win promotion from the Championship and now they will be looking to establish themselves as a Premier League club.

He said that they already have a plan in place to improve the team and that the board will be working closely with the manager to identify players that can help strengthen the team. He has assured fans that money will be available for the manager to improve the team and gives them the necessary resources to compete in the Premier League.

He has also praised the fans support during the campaign and said that he would be looking for the same thing in the Premier League.