16 thoughts on “Crystal Palace FC Vs Brighton Hove Albion – League Match – 31/01/12”

  1. Of course you don’t. But, as i’m sure you are aware, every Brighton fan is of homosexual nature, common knowledge.

  2. That’s right, I even see the gay in you. Massive amounts of it, why would you have such a fixation with the gay culture?.
    What a knob, I don’t even live in Brighton.

  3. You live in the gay capital of the world and support their football team? Of course, you would see gay in everything.

  4. You should have burned more, you should have burned more, you stupid bastards, you should have burned more.

  5. Wank support through the whole game, couldn’t even sell out, or sing without music being played to help, or the beat of a drum

  6. you scored 1, we scored 1 and we did you up the bum with a nik nak paddy wack give a twat a bone, thanks very much now we are going home

  7. Most overrated support in England, only heard your lot once the whole game.

  8. We Scored 3 you scored 1 brighton take it up the bum.. with a nik nak paddy wack giv a dog a bone why dont u f**k off home. CPFC

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