Paul Barber on Financial Outcome notifications

In the first week of December, clubs had to notify the Football League about their financial outcome and results for the 2013-14 season and Bright & Hove Albion has revealed to the football governing authority their compliance to all of the rules and this will allow the Championship League club on not having to face any kind of sanctions or transfer embargoes when the transfer window re-opens in a few weeks’ time in January.

Paul Barber is the Chief Executive of Brighton & Hove Albion and he was one of the first staff members of the club to officially announce to the public that the club has complied with all of regulations of the Financial Fair Play system.

“While this won’t come as a big surprise to our supporters, we are pleased to confirm that we have complied with the League’s current FFP regulations.This means that the club will not face the sanction of a transfer embargo in January 2015.” Paul Barber told the media.

Clubs that aren’t able to properly follow the guidelines and regulations of the Financial Fair Play structure and exceed losses of £13 million will have to deal with a string of consequences that includes fines, sanctions and transfer embargoes.

The supporters of Brighton & Hove Albion are happy to hear this news and will also be anxious to find out which clubs in the Championship club weren’t able to comply with the restrictions as this will give the team of Sami Hyypia an advantage during the January transfer window which is only a few weeks away from opening as this allows Bright & Hove Albion and the other clubs that did manage to stay in the desired financial range to have a bit more of freedom when the time comes to sell or buy players.