Brighton and Chelsea’s Match Ends in September 2019

The last weekend of September, Brighton play with Chelsea which resulted in the latter gaining a win. This was a home victory after a long time, especially for Frank Lampard who is the manager of the team for the Premier League. Blues won a total of nine games and that keeps them in the league. The Blues had a leading position at Stamford Bridge. Here Jorginho helped the team by scoring a penalty goal. Albion also played well, helping to rally the ball and also assisted in getting the header ball of Dan Burn to touch the crossbar.

Willian, however, helped to get the victory for the team as he deflected a strike that was coming in from Callum’s pass. Chelsea, as a result of their performance, was able to move to the sixth position in the Premier League. Brighton, however, has to move up to the 16th. Lampard stated that the 90-minute game was controlled by the Chelsea team mostly. However Brighton did play their defense well and a result of that, Chelsea could not score many goals. It did result in a good win and provided confidence to the team.
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Not many signings required: Hughton

Chris Hughton reckons a lot of the matters related to the buy and sale of the players are finalized pretty late in the transfer month and thus, sometimes, it gets impossible to have all the incomers playing right away.

However, Hughton believes there are not too many signings to be made in the pre summer transfer window of 2016-17 for Brighton as the shape of the squad is fine already. So, it would not be a problem even if the new signings are not available in the starting couple of weeks.

In Hughton’s words, “You would obviously like to see the new recruits getting into the squad much before the season starts so that they gel with the rest of the boys. But, most of the signing negotiations, as we have seen in the past, don’t conclude that early.”

“Our current position though is such that there is no need of plenty of signings. Yes, we can do with three or four back up additions, but, comparing it to how many signings we were looking for at the same time previous season; it’s a much lower number.” Read More


Brighton and Hove Albion manager Gus Poyet has said that the Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich should not look any further than his former teammate Roberto di Matteo when it comes to selecting the permanent manager for Chelsea.

Roberto di Matteo did an incredible job with the team as the interim manager, but it is thought that Roman Abramovich is extremely sceptical about give him the job permanently. This doubt over the Italian has been raised due to the incredibly negative style of football that the team played in the FA Cup and the Champions League, even though Fernando Torres scored to win them the most prestigious competition in Europe. Abramovich is still hoping to persuade former Barcelona manager Guardiola to come to Stamford Bridge.

Gus Poyet is a man who knows Roberto di Matteo more than anyone else after having played with him at Chelsea for many seasons before the 41-year-old Italian retired from the game prematurely after the triple fracture he suffered. It has been recently revealed that Briton and Hove Albion will be taking up on Chelsea in a friendly match prior to the start of next season. It will be a match that will most likely see Gus Poyet pitted against his former teammate in the form of Roberto di Matteo.

‘He’s very relaxed. He’s just trying to get away from the crazy three months that he had. It would be common sense that he will stay. I call him ‘one of us’, one of our generation – with so many managers. Mark Hughes, Gianluca Vialli, Ruud Gullit, Robbie Di Matteo, Dennis Wise, Dan Petrescu, myself, Didier Deschamps – there are so many – ‘Chappy’ (Albert) Ferrer.Why not one of us? Why should it be somebody else all the time?” said Gus Poyet in a recent interview. The former Chelsea midfielder has done an excellent job with the Championship club last season.