Brighton First Premier League Club To Offer Hygiene Products

Brighton took an excellent decision to provide free sanitary products to all female fans. This initiative is being highly appreciated and applauded everywhere and also at social media sites. Supporters have encouraged more clubs to take this step. The south-coast club was the first premier league side for signing up the campaign called ‘On the Bal’ launched by 3 Celtic supporting females.

Everton and Liverpool are also in agreement to follow hygiene products for free to women inside the stadium. As far as the campaign is concerned, it is the brainchild of youth, Orlaith Duffy, Mikaela McKinley and Erin Slaven with an objective to raise the visibility of women supporters at football competitions. There are around 13 clubs now in the UK who have taken the initiative after Brighton and McKinley is hopeful that there would be many more Premier League clubs taking this decision.

McKinley said that football clubs should take part in the community and it should not be limited to just football but beyond it. There are many small clubs who were quite fast to come on board mainly due to the fact that they are in tune with the requirements of their fan base. With regards to visibility, it is good to see a Premier League club coming on board. This great step was well accepted on social media and many fans commented as well. Julia Coulten, one of the fans commented that it was a brilliant step. Elena Branch said it’s awesome and wanted other campaigns to do it as well. League One side Barnsley was also appreciated by fans for providing sanitary products this season post one tweet, which went viral on social media site.

McKinley said that it is necessary for football clubs to be included and by doing so it will definitely encourage women fans to feel they are being heard.