Not many signings required: Hughton

Chris Hughton reckons a lot of the matters related to the buy and sale of the players are finalized pretty late in the transfer month and thus, sometimes, it gets impossible to have all the incomers playing right away.

However, Hughton believes there are not too many signings to be made in the pre summer transfer window of 2016-17 for Brighton as the shape of the squad is fine already. So, it would not be a problem even if the new signings are not available in the starting couple of weeks.

In Hughton’s words, “You would obviously like to see the new recruits getting into the squad much before the season starts so that they gel with the rest of the boys. But, most of the signing negotiations, as we have seen in the past, don’t conclude that early.”

“Our current position though is such that there is no need of plenty of signings. Yes, we can do with three or four back up additions, but, comparing it to how many signings we were looking for at the same time previous season; it’s a much lower number.”

The Falmer Stadium greets Murray with open arms

Glenn Murray says there’s been no real proper conversation between him and Chris Hughton so far and it’s only once or twice here and there that he has had the chance to meet and shake hands with him, but, the Irishman has been the opposition manager to him a number of times and from that he knows how efficient a strategist he is.

Murray thinks he might have gotten wiser with the experience of the upper tier competitions and he hopes he does more for Brighton than he had done between 2008 and 2011 which was his first stint at the club.