Brighton ready for Premier League

Brighton has unveiled their new shirt that they will be wearing in the Premier League.

This will be the first time that Brighton will be playing at the top level of English football after an absence of 34 years.

The chairman said that they will be ready for the challenge and that they will be preparing themselves well during the transfer window. He said that they would not be making a lot of change as they will not want to disrupt the current spirit in the team. He believes that they already have a good core of quality players that can help them win games in the Premier League and they will want to build on that. Read More

Chris Hughton says that he does not expect an easy match against Blackburn Rovers

Brighton manager Chris Hughton says that he does not expect an easy match against Blackburn Rovers despite the former Premier League outfit being distracted by their commitments in the FA Cup. Blackburn managed to a goalless draw against Liverpool in the sixth round of the FA Cup.

This retains the hope of reaching Wembley this season. The replay will be at Ewood Park and Blackburn are likely to put all their efforts into winning this tie. This is unlikely to result in an easy match forBrighton this week according to Hughton, who has seen his team get only one win in the last five matches.

This poor run of form has all but ended any hopes of reaching the play-offs. Even a victory against Blackburn is unlikely to lift the hopes given that they are already almost 20 points behind the play-off places. It is about pride and prestige from now till the end of the season, as Brighton will also not be distracted by the relegation spots. Hughton also says that Blackburn will also be looking to finish as high as possible even though they do not have any promotion hopes for this season. Hughton came as the replacement for Sami Hyypia at the start of 2014 and he has been able to avoid relegation. Read More